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We at MEDIA-TRYCK are proud to produce dissertations for Lund University. In addition to printing, we also help with typesetting, cover layout and scanning document data sheets. On our website you will find downloadable templates in Word and many hints on how to help you print your dissertation.

You can also sign up for one of our courses “To write, format and submit a print-ready dissertation as a PDF file.” (Please sign up on our website.)

When printing dissertations and other material, we believe that personal dialogue with the client is of the essence to ensure that the final result is the very best possible.

Please feel free to give us a call!

Contact information

Media-Tryck, Sölvegatan

Opening Hours
Mon-Fri, 8-16
Lunch 12.30-13.00

Sölvegatan 14, house I
223 62 Lund

Pickup place: 80
Tel: 046-222 91 76 or 046-222 32 67
E-mail: media-tryck [at] se [dot] lu [dot] se (media-tryck[at]se[dot]lu[dot]se)

Media-Tryck, Kemicentrum

Opening Hours
Mon, 10-16 and Tus-Fri, 9-16

Getingevägen 60

Hämtställe: 1
Tel: 046-222 83 48
E-mail: media-tryck [dot] kc [at] se [dot] lu [dot] se (media-tryck[dot]kc[at]se[dot]lu[dot]se)